The Art of Storytelling (Part 2)

by Jamie on October 1, 2012

Last week we shared how we use Story Picture Cards as cues to help children develop storytelling skills.  This week we have two additional games that we recommend for fostering the art of storytelling.  The first is a wonderful game that we learned from a veteran elementary school teacher (she always ended the week’s storytelling episode with a cliffhanger). The second is a lovely way to build an oral family history.  In our household it is always accompanied by a family rule….you can only tell embarrassing stories about YOURSELF!!!

Serial Stories

  • Create an interesting character that fits into your daily routine.
  • Have the character go on daily or weekly adventures in your town or neighborhood.
  • Let the children in your family be rotating characters in the story.
  • Create situations in the storyline where the child’s character can be the hero, help solve a problem or get the main character out of a fix.
  • Let your child tell the parts of the story in which they appear.

Family Stories

  • Tell same funny story over and over.
  • Ask the child, “What happens next?”
  • Have the child tell a part of the story.
  • Change a pivotal event in the story and ask the child to create a new ending.

Visit our blog next week for more games and ideas!!

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