The Art of Storytelling (Part 1)

by Jamie on September 25, 2012

Storytelling is a wonderful activity through which we pass down family history, teach literature appreciation, build reading comprehension, and foster creative writing skills.  Whether you like to tell elaborate fairy tales or just want a conversation about what happened at school today, practicing the art of storytelling builds communication skills and creative thinking in children.  Check in over the next two weeks to read about a few of the storytelling games we like to play in our homes.   For today, we are starting out with a favorite that is easily adapted for storytellers of any age.


Story Picture Cards

  • Compile a stack of pictures (magazines, alphabet cards, old books).
  • A general theme or setting is agreed upon by the players (day at school, trip to the zoo, space aliens).
  • Have each person playing pick three or more cards.
  • Players take turns creating a story incorporating each of the three pictures they have chosen into the agreed upon theme.
  • This can also be played with a bag of toys or common objects instead of cards.
  • Several storytelling games (Rory’s Story Cubes) are available on the market if you’d rather not “do it yourself.”

Visit our blog next week for more games and ideas.  🙂

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