Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for Children | Central Florida TherapySpeech-Language Pathologists, also known as Speech Therapists, work to facilitate the full range of human communication and its disorders for children and adults. They are specially trained, hold master’s degrees, and are nationally certified and state licensed to evaluate, diagnose and treat speech, language, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders in individuals of all ages, from infancy through adulthood.  Our therapists have been fortunate to receive specialized training in treating the following clinical topics and disorders:

Parents/Guardians are a child’s best advocate and often the first to notice when things  seem out of place during child development.  At Central Florida Therapy, we want to join you as advocates for your child’s well-being. Early identification and the development of an appropriate treatment program are critical to the rehabilitation process.  If you are noticing something that gives you cause for concern, allow us to perform a screening and to develop the best plan for you and your child.