Physical Therapy Getting Started

Physical Therapy for Children - Central Florida TherapyScreening
A physical therapy screening provides us with a snapshot of your child’s physical development. In this 15-20 minute encounter we can gain information about strength, endurance, coordination, balance, motor control, body/spatial awareness, and gross motor skills. If areas of concern are identified, an evaluation may be recommended.

A physical therapy evaluation can include a parent interview and will assess reflex maturation, range of motion, muscle tone/muscle strength, posture and joint alignment and motor development. This process can take 45-90 minutes to complete. Following the evaluation, parents will receive a written report, which details test results and makes recommendations. This evaluation will provide the information parents and therapist can use to determine if the child is a good candidate for therapy.

Current evaluations from other licensed physical therapists are accepted within 12 months of administration.

Therapy looks very different for each child. Sessions may be conducted at home, preschool, daycare or private school. Some sessions are conducted individually with the child; others incorporate siblings, peers, caregivers or parents.  Some children will require a few short weeks of therapy, whereas others may be in therapy for many months. Parents and therapist are to work together to continually adapt the plan of treatment to the child’s progress.

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